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Hats and Pamela straw-hats

At D'diego we have a wide range of hats and pamelas. The indiana sort (more classical), tirolés (more youthful), cowboy (for the more daring) and then a wide range of pamelas. And for the Little ones we also have unisex hats in the tirolé style, and pamelitas for girls.


For the most part our models are artisanally finished in Spain, ensuring a better end product for the customer, as well as differentiated from other companies.


Rustically styled yet elegant hats made with natural materials; others from paper such as the Panama style; also those from synthetic fibers, which allow for greater flexibility; and finally also the caps and hats from cotton cloth or microfibers too.


We have a wide range of baskets, all produced artisanally with natural materials, imported from different African and Asian countries, although many of our models receive their finishing touches here in Spain.


The baskets range is very extensive, as they span from the most basic and affordable (which many of our customers finally decorate), through to other closed ones or decorated with leather, fringes, painted or decorated with sequins.


We offer the customer the choice of customisation in some models, with a minimum order size.

Handbags and Purses

Handbags and Purses

We have a broad range of handbags and purses, all artisanal hand crafted and manufactured with natural materials, imported from several African and Asian countries, although we finish many of the models here in Spain.


The handbags are made from materials such as raffia, algae, palm, etc. Small handheld handbags or with a shoulder strap, larger ones with two handles, and also purses or little wallets.


At D'diego we offer two different lines of belts:


On one hand the elastic belts, made artisanally with little strass pebbles and coconut clasp. These belts, imported from Asia, are usually sold with great ease, since they are elastic and span many sizes, with many available colours and with a very affordable price.


On the other, the leather ones, manufactured with cow leather and metal clasps, combined with goat horn or turquoise Stone. These belts have been in fashion in Ibiza for many years, as it is an ideal accessory for blouses or ad lib white dresses.  These give a different touch that enhances any piece of clothing, both in summer and in the winter.



We have two ranges of items in decoration, both from wood and hand-made and -painted in Asia.


On one hand, plates and frames for hanging on the wall, in a selection of different colours, with messages and phrases currently very in fashion, and of a positive nature.


Beyond this we have wooden lighthouses and fish and marine-themed accessories, with a wide choice of colours and sizes.



Stands & Displays

We offer our customers several kinds of showcase stands, practical and handy, for both indoor and outdoor areas of their store.


These exhibiting stands greatly facilitate sales, since they can hold a large amount of merchandise while also allowing the end-customer to see and touch the product without needing to ask in the store.

Stands & Displays




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